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Fresh Eucalyptus Wreath Making Craft Class


These wreaths are perfect for the holidays and have a gorgeous fresh scent!

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Holiday Clay Ornament Making Workshop: Dec. 7th 12pm


Make your own clay ornaments that are going to liven up your holiday decor!

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Flavored Lip Balm Making Workshop: Dec. 6th 7pm


These lip balms can be made in array of colors and flavors! Yum!

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Wood Wick Candle Making Workshop: Nov. 2nd 5pm


If you like candles with a sparkle and pop, these candles are perfect for you!

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Terrarium Building Craft Workshop: Nov. 1st 7pm


Make your own terrarium with living succulents!

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Pumpkin Flower Bouquet Workshop: Oct. 26th 12pm


Make your own bouquet in a pumpkin with flowers that are the perfect colors for fall!

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No Carve Pumpkin Painting Workshop: Oct. 25th 7pm


Tired of the mess? These no carve pumpkins are going to style up your Halloween without having to carve anything!

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Watercolor Plants, Flowers, Succulents Painting Class: Oct. 5th 5pm


Learn the gorgeous art of watercolor in this beginner friendly workshop!

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